Filipino Engagement Traditions

Traditionally, Filipino diamond traditions include the giving of a diamond ring, a religious wedding party in a Catholic community center, and a traditional reception in a coffeehouse. These customs are influenced by simply both indigenous and Catholic-Christian norms.

The main focus of Filipino engagement traditions is on family. The basic idea is that the groom and bride should value and honor their particular parents. That is done by asking them for their blessing. The parents are given specialized seats throughout the wedding ceremony.

The soon-to-be husband usually occurs an hour before the wedding service. He and his parents generally sit somewhat lurking behind the groom and bride. After the exchange of vows, the groom lights a unity candle light. This is symbolic of the everlasting bond of this couple. Additionally, it symbolizes the eliminating of the previous.

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One of the most important Filipino marriage traditions is the giving of 13 money. These types of coins date back to Spain and symbolize the long lasting faithfulness for the groom to his forthcoming wife. In addition, they symbolize the groom’s commitment to his future children.

Another Philippine wedding custom is bayanihan. It is a modernization of an older tradition filipino guy dating tips of lending a hand to the groom and bride. The practice is modernized to offer suggestions and moral support.

The star of the wedding usually dons a listing white wedding gown. The groom used a traditional clothing called barong tagalog. The wedding wedding service also includes a money dance. Your money party is a fun way to help the new couple financially.